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We offer a variety of approaches to support you with your vocal, jaw and neck needs:


Vocal Health Clinic

A personalised treatment to help those suffering from voice related problems such as vocal hoarseness, throat tightness or find it uncomfortable when speaking, known as “muscle tension dysphonia” (MTD), or a sensation of a lump or tightness in the throat when swallowing, which is medically named “globus pharyngeus”.


The voice box (larynx) is suspended by a network of muscles and fascia which can be influenced by tauma, posture, voice usage, voice stresses, jaw problems (also known as TMJ dysfunction), neck tension, general stress and anxiety.


The aim is to address the musculoskeletal imbalances along with laryngeal manipulation.  Treatments are personalised and take a holistic approach, with a focus on the structures involved in speech.  


Your comfort is paramount, all techniques used will be explained to you and that you are happy to proceed (to give consent).  Our aim is to work with you to support your vocal needs.


This treatment is ideal for those who use their voice professionally (singers, actors, performers, teachers, presenters, barristers etc) or anyone experiencing vocal tension.

Along with his Osteopathic and Performing Arts education, Trevor has completed mentoring with the Voice Care Centre, London.  This centre takes a trauma informed approach to working with the voice users internationally.

Trevor is a memeber of the British Performing Arts Association (BAPAM) and the Osteopathic Performing Arts Care Association (OPACA)

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Healthy Jaw Clinic

The jaw (the temporomandibular joint or TMJ for short) is a complex joint who's function can be influenced by numerous factors such as trauma, dental procedures, muscular tension in the neck, and shoulders, postural changes, grinding or clenching your teeth (known as bruxism), stress and tension.


The aim of this treatment is to reduce the tightness in the muscular and fascial structures, restoring balance to the joint.

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