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5 Facts you may not know about your Knees!

Since lock down I have moved my practice to online so I could continue to support my growing community. I have noticed that a high majority of those who have reached out to me have had problems with their knees, I thought I would share 5 facts about the knee:

  • The knee is the largest joint of our body

The knee is considered the largest and complex joint of the body, connecting the Femur (thigh) to the Tibia (lower leg) with the inclusion of the Patella (knee cap). These bones form three articulations (places of movement) within one capsule named the Patellofemoral joint and the medial and lateral Tibiofemoral joint.

  • We have structures inside of our knees

Unlike many other joints of the body we have structures which sit inside of our knee joint designed to support how the knee functions, these are ligaments and meniscus. You may feel these structures if you slip while playing football or when you land from jumping off a high surface.

  • We have spongy sacks around our knees

Did you know that each knee typically has eleven fluid sacks known as Bursae, these are designed to prevent excessive friction and pain. These can sometimes become irritated causing pain, known as a bursitis.

  • Our posture can affect our knee

Interestingly how we stand, move along with the shape of your pelvis (your hip) and the position/shape of your feet, may impact on how your knee functions.

  • A painful knee can come from another part of the body

Like other parts of the body knee pain can be as a result of a problem in another part of the body, for example lower back pain can give knee pain symptoms.

As an Osteopath I take these and more into consideration when discussing and creating a treatment plan to reduce knee pain.

Like to know more? If your answer is yes then please join me on the 11th June at 14:00 (BST) as I will be hosting an online workshop focusing on the knee. This two hour workshop will explore the knee, some common complaints and things you can do to help maintain happy knees!

For more information, to book a place, or if you are experiencing knee pain, please contact me to discuss on

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